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       UC0093, the space is once again disturbed by the terror of war. The fall of the Neo Zeon did not bring the eternal peace and prosperity to the residents of either the space colonies or the Earth. Char, the red comet is now the leader of the Neo Zeon. Inherited his father's ideology, Char determined to liberate Earth and bring prosperity to the residents of space. 

      The Earthnoids still would not forgive Earth for spoiling them, and so their appreciation to the mother planet is to devour its remaining resources. Char, foreseen the Earth's suffering, decided to end the human's domination on Earth, and initiated some planes of throwing asteroids mounted with nuclear weapons to Earth, so the Earth will be winterized and inhabitable. 

     However, Char's plan has tripped on an obstacle. Amuro Ray, and the Londo Bell, part of the United Earth Government's special force, is now dedicated to save humanity from the destructive plane of Char. And now, the final battle between Amuro and Char is initiated, and Earth is once again under the threats of terrorism.  


Char's Counterattack Scripts

Char's Counterattack 1

Char's Counterattack 2