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The Thoughts of Char 
by Psi Gundam    

UC 0093

The thoughts on Earth

           Earth, whenever you are seen in the vacuum of space, your illumination had always been our guidance. You are the living island in the see of the stars, the origin and the foundation of human's history. From the existence of man, you provide them with all of your resources without any limitation. Then, man had became adapted with this privilege. Taking all then can, you filled their greed like a mother spoiled her own child. Your gravity is like the cradle, gently put those children to sleep and never wants to leave this comfortable environment. And now,  they are slowly destroying this environment without any consciousness. Have not you been aware? Earth, how long are you going to keep these selfish human continuing dwelling in your gentleness. Its time, its time for you to stop being the host for those parasites that value themselves higher than the universe. Its time for them to leave your gravity, for how long are you going to imprison these people.            

The thoughts on space

             Here is where man should inhabit. Space, its endless boundary can consume our population 1 billion times. And as we adopted this new environment, we will develop a new ability, that will allow we to understand each other in order to overcome many limitation in our lives. The people who still live in Earth, those souls who were still attract by the Earth's gravity will never understand the precious of Earth, the environment and other people's lives. Even though the process for people to develop the new ability might be lengthy, but as long that all of the people were immigrated out of Earth, there will be hope, and Earth will have hope. And so, I will destroy your precious environment, oh Earth, so all of the parasites will leave you, and seek new life to transform themselves into a better life form. Then you can heal, when your illumination reach us, we will know that you are healing, and our hearts will all be filled with joy, when you healed. For I am Char Aznable, the son of Zeon Zum Daikum. 

The thoughts of NewType

        The one who taught me this is you, Lala, this new ability. And now, I have also developed this ability. This that they called the NewType ability. They can never understand, those souls that are attract by the Earth's gravity. It was like seeing people's emotions through there own eyes. Whenever I concentrate enough, my soul felt like its leaving my body, and hovering throughout the space, and entering people's body and became one with their souls. Then I was able to learn their thoughts, and their emotions. I know when they are happy, and when they are sad. Then I learned that the lives of each individual is as important as one another. I had learned this, Lala, even after your death, I can still feel your presents across the galaxy, but those people on Earth, they will never learn, as long they are in the prison of the gravity. Therefore, I will destroy your environment. That trick of yours, to keep all the human race in your womb, but its time, its time to set all of their souls free, and they will all be NewTypes, and learn the preciousness of each individual.