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The Titans have been defeated, and in the aftermath of the great civil war Haman Khan makes her move. As UC 0088 begins, her army of renegade Zeons, who have returned to Earth inside the asteroid Axis, declare themselves the Neo Zeon. Aiming to win the space colonies over to their cause, Haman disperses the Neo Zeon fleet, sending each ship to woo the inhabitants of a different colony. One such ship is the cruiser Endora, under the command of young officer Mashma Serro, which has been dispatched to Side 1's Shangrila colony. By coincidence, this is where the AEUG flagship Ahgama, battered and exhausted, limps into harbor.

Now, as the stars are startled by Hammon's dictatorship and the forces of Axis, a new hope for create a peaceful environment was found by Ahgama to replace the exhausted  Kamiru Bidan. Judo Ashita, the new NewType pilot is now fighting a desperate war against Axis' domination of space, and the more advanced NewType - Hammon. So the final saga of Zeta Gundam begins.