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    In the year UC 0087, mankind's destiny is once again being manipulated by the hand of war. Titans, a separate branch of the Earth United Government, commence a sequence of terrorist act against the resident in the space colonies. To protect themselves, many spacenoids sponsored an Anti Earth United Government group. AEUG, the freedom fighter for the people and the souls that is living in hundreds of fragile artificial worlds, is the only hope to eliminate the dictatorship of the Titans, 

    Kamiru Bidan, the pilot of Zeta Gundam, and the NewType that its destiny is to restore the peace in the solar and the colonies. Cha, the lone ranger challenging the remain of the Zabi family. Amuro, can you hear their call for peace? Newtype is a new human race that can survive through wars, but could Kamiru Bidan survived through the war of the Newtypes?

Zeta Gundam Scripts

Episode 31&32

Episode 33

Episode 34